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Provision of personal or business-related data and contacts at 3d FaçadeDesign page is intended to let you share the results of your façade designing simulation, such as email sharing, social media and PDF sharing. Data provision is as well intended for Mulk Holdings FZC Team to answer your inquiries. Data provision by user is voluntary and solely at a user’s discretion. Mulk Holdings FZC treats such information as confidential in full compliance with currently enforceable laws of the United Arab Emirates. Mulk Holdings FZC does not share such data with any third parties.
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Content Liability

Contents and functionality features of Alubond® 3d FaçadeDesign web applications are solely intended to provide the user with knowledge of Alubond®  materials and simulation on designing façade with Alubond® materials, with opportunity to have 3D experience of façade designs. Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are accurate, nevertheless Mulk Holdings FZC is not liable for any damages whatsoever related to errors in contents and use of contents.  Mulk Holdings FZC may amend, upgrade or discontinue temporarily or permanently any part of 3d FaçadeDesign web application or any other Alubond® and Mulk Holdings websites, without any prior notice.